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The #StandUpWithAfghanWomen! Campaign

The #StandUpWithAfghanWomen! Campaign aims to protect human rights in Afghanistan and to promote incisive action in support of the democratic and anti-fundamentalist realities operating in the country.

The campaign focuses on four main themes:

Non-recognition of the Taliban government

Self-determination of the Afghan people

Political recognition of progressive Afghan forces and banning of political figures linked to fundamentalist parties

Monitoring respect for human rights

Stand Up With Afghan Women! is the result of Cisda and Large Movements joint action within the framework of the Euro-Afghan Coalition for Democracy and Secularism, a network of organisations already committed in their daily actions to the defence of human rights.

Actions promoted by Stand Up With Afghan Women

Stand Up With Afghan Women! promotes information, awareness-raising and advocacy actions aimed at civil society and policy-makers in support of the Campaign’s four main topics.

The Campaign focuses on the Petition and a series of events and actions to protest against the Taliban regime after one year of repressive rule. The Campaign will be enriched by the contribution of all those who wish to join.

The #StandUpWithAfghanWomen! petition

Afghan activists have always demanded that Afghan people decide their own destiny without any foreign interference.

The Stand Up With Afghan Women! Campaign is addressing a Petition to Governments, European Institutions and the United Nations to support their claims and the right to self-determination for the Afghan people

WITH (not FOR) the Afghan women

The Campaign calls for an end of the foreign countries interferences that have prevented any democratic process in Afghanistan since the late 1970s with the succession of military occupations and the provision of military and political support to fundamentalist and jihadist militias. These external influences pose a serious threat to peace, rights, democracy, secularism and security in the West as well. The challenge is common. Common is the commitment to meet it.

All civil society organisations can join the Euro-Afghan network to promote the #StandUpWithAfghanWomen! Campaign by creating events and promoting the collection of signatures for the Petition

All people can contribute to the Campaign by signing the Petition.

How to join and promote the Stand Up With Afghan Women! Campaign

  1. Are you an association, a non-profit organisation, a collective, a body or a social and cultural institution, a workers’ Union?

Join the Campaign by filling in the form!

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    Having difficulty entering your data in the form? You can send us your organisation’s membership by writing to and attaching your logo.

    The Campaign operates in a collaborative and participatory approach between all the different realities, recognising the value of each one’s contribution. Everyone can take part through active collaboration, even only by promoting a signature collection, organising an event or an action in their own area.

    Every contribution, however small, can make a difference!

    The Campaign is open to dialogue with political.

    1. Are you a person?

    Your contribution is also important. You can sign the Petition and get your friends, acquaintances and colleagues to sign it:


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